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Raspberry PII with Screenly


Info to IT-Department.

There must be an open network with DHCP that can assign the Raspberry device an IP address when starting up. If not then we have to program the Deveice SD-Card with firm IP adress, gateway and DNS.

It's a Raspberry PII unit with network cable connection and HDMI connection to info screen ?

The Raspberry PII device software is Screenly, and you access this via web browser from a computer on the same network. Enter the IP address that was shown to you on the screen during start-up of the Raspberry PII.

Important You must not use the letters (æøå, ÆØÅ) in any of the url strings setup in Screenly browsertool.

It conducts regular http/https traffic on ports 80 and 443 out of the house, primarily for system.thermit.dk. There is no incoming traffic.

Firewall is no different than if an ordinary PC to Your network should browse the Internet.

The link used for getting data from the host computer looks like this


REMARK!! The XXXX in the line must be changet with the Departmentnumber, and the ????? have to be replaced by the right username and password.

REMARK!! The username and password can´t contain the letters, æøå and ÆØÅ If they do so you must create a new username and password on the webportal. Those letters is not good for the Raspberry PII unit.

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Last updated on 10th Feb 2016