Thermit Octopus Module Io2gsm



This main module contains a GSM modem and 8 BNC input connector. The module reads data from sensors connected to the 8 input plugs juste before every datatrans to hosting server.

Default the module sends data to server every 1 hours.

If any of the 8 connectors don´t have a sensor pluged in the data from a empty connector will show -40C

How can I see the mainmodule is working

Send a txt with "IMEI" to the modules phone number, and if you get a txt return with same message, then the module is a live and working, a green light inside the boks will confirm that there is power to the unit.

SMS (txt) commands

SMS (txt) can be sent to the main modules and the following functions are available via SMS.

Note USERID and PASSWORD is only required if the telecommunications company requires this in order to gain access to the telecommunications company APN. These commands are not normally used .

How do I force the module to send data to server

Send TXT with SND (SND must be with capital letters)

How do I change the interval for sending data to server

Send a TXT with ITV interval (where interval = minuts from 10 to 240) Default = 60 min. ITV ITV must be capital letters

How do I change the APN in the module

Send txt to the mainmodule _APN internet_ where the "internet" must be the accesspointname.

Who to change USERID

Send TXT with the command _USE test_ (USE smust be capital letters). Bemærk hvis userid skal være tomt for det pågældende teleselskab er det ikke nødvendigt at sende USE med mindre man tidligere har ændret det.


Send TXT with PAS test (PAS Must be capital letters). Remark ! If password must be blank, then it is not nessacerry to send PAS, unless you have done so earlyer.
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Last updated on 12th Mar 2020