Defect Sensor

Sensor don´t Work

If you have a sensor that is not working properly, you can test if the sensor sends data or not, by placing it right next to the main module or beside a Sensor Finder.

Remember you can force the main module to send data quickly by sending an SMS to the main module with text SND .

If you still don´t get messaurements into the system from the sensor, the the sensor is likely defect.

what to do with a defect sensor

You can send the sensor to ThermIT ApS and they will test it without any cost for you.

If the sensor is defect and less than 3 years old, you will get a new sensor free of charge.

If the sensor is older than 3 year, then it will be discarded, and it will be handled as it was a battery.

important info !!

On the sensor Label there is a code. the Sensor ID and a roman numerals

ID: 5671 - VI_XIII

This Roman Numerials tells the sensors age, month (06) and year 20(13).

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Last updated on 21st Jan 2016