Install Replacement Sensor

How to setup replacement sensor


Rule 1

You should never take away old areas if you remove areas of the system so you also remove the historical data.

To install a replacement sensor

  1. Place the sensor physically in the cooler ore freezer, with the antenna vertical and without touching any metal.
  2. Go to SENSOR menu and find the OLD sensor by number
  3. Press det EDIT button and check that the sensor is not in areas


  1. Press the "Save" buttton (Now the OLD sensor is out of area)
  2. Find the new Sensor by number in the sensor menu
  3. Press the "Edit" button, select the area for the sensor, then press Save.

Area Connect

Only Areas wit slash ( - ) infront of text can be selected

You can send the old sensors to us then we will test them (3 Year of waranty)

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Last updated on 13th Nov 2015