Sensor Fail Periodically

Sensor does not send data !

What to do

  1. Check that the sensor antenna is pointing vertically up ore down.
  2. Check that the sensor antenna do not touch any metal frames.
  3. check that there are free signal paths and as few obstacles as possible between the sensor antenna and the main module.

If it did not help !

Then try the following

  1. Try to move the sensor to another place in the unit
  2. If the sensor is placed in a cloosed room, then try with a sensor with long antenna, and pull out the antenna to the outside of the room.

After one hour go to the webportal and check if the sensor has send data again.

If not then contact your supplyer... !

If you do not want the alarms then go to the Webportal and select the menu Varning, and you can disable the varnings.

Sensor alarm

Red Circle

If you remove the check mark, then you will not receive any warnings

Green circle

If you setup this figure to 1440, then you will not recieve any warnings about missing sensor data. But in this mode you will still receive warnings about temperature failure if we get any data.

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Last updated on 19th Dec 2016