Unstabile Sensor

Unstabil sensor

Sensor is unstabile


Criteria to get a stabile sensor

  1. Sensor w/long antenna has to be stripped for the last 15cm. Inner conductor and clear plastic must be visable. (Se below picture)
  2. Stripped part on the antenna cord must be outside the cold room.
  3. Stripped part of the antenna must not touch metal or strong powerlines
  4. The main module must not be located near by strong powerlines

If the above is OK, then the sensor must be stabile. Alternative setup an additional sensor at the same spot to compare whether it works better. If the new sensor works better, then take down the old sensor and if the old sensor is younger than 3 year, then ThermIT will exchange it on guarantee.

Sensor kort antenne

The roman numerals on the sensor explains the delivery month and year. This example VI_XV is month 6 the year 2015

Sensor lang antenne

Remember to remove the outer cord on the last 15 cm of antenna. The Antenna is a corex antenna cable and the screen must be removed on the last 15 cm

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Last updated on 6th Apr 2016