Sensor Is Not Sending Data

Warning MAIL or TXT


If you get a message like this then take it easy, It could bee that there is a temperary fallout of the GSM network and the mainmodule will get it self organiset again, and then everything is fine. However if you get the same message within a couple of hour´s then you have to check up on the problem.


  1. Check that there is power to the Main module (Red LED lamp must be on or blink)
  2. If the red LED lamp is blinking for every 1 sek. (this indicates connection to the telenet, and that everything should be OK)
  3. If the red LED lamp is on solid, then it might bee that the module is sending data to server, but after 2 min. it must start blinking again. If it dos that everything is OK.

If nothing of the above is OK, then you can restart the main module by taking out the power cord from the mainmodule box, wait 5 seconds and connect it again. Be sure that there are power in the 240V outlet in the wall.

After this restart the main module must start blinking within seconds.

To check everything

Send a TXT to the main module, the main module telefon number you can read on the label in front or on the side of the module. in the TXT you must write SND with capitol letters, after a few minutes you will get a TXT return from the main module with the same TXT if everything is OK. After 5 to 10 minutes you should be able to see new data on the webportal og mobilportal for this customer.


(DK) Enheden sender ikke data (English) The unit is not sending data (Finish)

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Last updated on 10th Feb 2016