Tunstall Integration

TUNSTALL integration

How to integrate

The easiest way to integrate with tunstall phone is by sending an TXT/SMS with the following format to our SMS/TXT module.

Call SENDER_ID - Zone_nummer = Call 0002-100

Presentation of the DECT phone - there is a limit of 12 character pr. line due DECT phone.


KALD Fixed tekst telling the system that this messages should be handled as a call

SENDER ID Sender_ID is the reference to customer og customer department in Tunstall system, exampel 0002. could be a connection to Department 2. (Max 12 chars)

ZONE-NUMBER A list with different texts, which can be connected to the same SENDER ID. If there will be a need for sending to different groups, then we must setup more sender_Id.

In the below picture you will see 4 different texts - it will bee possible to define more text lines (max 12 chars peer line)

Zoner to phone messages

Unlimited numbers of zones.


One varning can be setup in ThermIT for temp. varning and with timeout at 1440 sec. And another varning on same unit can be setup in ThermIT for missing data This varning with timeout 130 sec. an temp. interval +50 to +50.

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Last updated on 12th Jul 2016